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I Will Not Stress…

Hello… Today I will not stress over things I can not control…

What’s your story? What are you willing to share with friends or even strangers when asked? Last year, I joined the Society Saturday at Taylored. Co-Work & Society. Most of the women were business owners, want to become one or work in a professional career. That particular class reinforced the importance of being authentic. So I dug deep to tap into my “why” so that my what may present itself. In short, my why is to encourage women to feel beautiful, loved, to not take abuse, and to feel empowered-even with a chronic illness. I don’t talk about it. I don’t talk about the man that abused me, the alcoholism, the drugs he used, or the memories that still haunt me deep to my core. Why is this? Fear? Embarrassed? Honestly, I am not even sure, but I do know I can open up in hopes to encourage others. If you are reading this and in an abusive situation, walk, run…in my experience, it did not get better and oftentimes the abuse gets worse over time. So, fast forward, my husband, this man I have shared my life with for over 17 years, the man that God brought to my life, would not do those things to me, EVER. Listen to God and have faith like that of a mustard seed. Most importantly recognize that we all have value in God’s eyes even when all seems lost. 

Love you, Sis,

1 thought on “I Will Not Stress…”

  1. Sometimes I feel like I share too much, say too much. Who really wants to hear my crap. I often chastise myself for talking / saying too much. Thinking that no one wants to hear my past/current troubles as they have their own. I don’t hear them complaining. How do you know what to say/not say? And how do you learn to keep your ? shut? Just some of my thoughts.

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