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Traversing the Terrain of Still’s Disease with Carrie

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When resilience meets wisdom, stories like that of Carrie Shepperson unfold. Her journey through the labyrinth of Still’s disease, narrative rich with city savvy and mountain wisdom, is one I had the privilege to uncover. Carrie, hailing from Kentucky and a steadfast volunteer at AiArthritis, shares her personal odyssey from bewildering symptoms to a fierce advocacy for those entangled in the complexities of autoimmune disorders. Her analytical nurse’s mind, coupled with an unwavering spirit, sheds light on the nuances of navigating a life altered by a rare medical condition.

Grasping the intricacies of Still’s disease can feel like piecing together a puzzle in the dark, but Carrie’s dialogue with me illuminates the path. She walks us through the rigors of symptom recognition, the significance of lab results that wax and wane, and the importance of understanding even the most enigmatic medical criteria. Our conversation explores both the scientific and the profoundly personal, offering solace to those embroiled in similar battles and providing a gateway to a community that supports and uplifts even in the grittiest times.

Beyond the diagnosis, we traverse the landscape of self-care, where Carrie imparts her wisdom on maintaining joint health and overall well-being amidst the storms of chronic illness. With simple yet potent strategies — a leisurely walk, the right balance of heat, ice, and nutrition, and the embrace of a gratitude practice — she paints a picture of a life embraced with joy despite its trials. Her story is a beacon, guiding listeners through the fog of their own health journeys with the assurance that every small step is a victory in the quest to live fully and vibrantly.

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