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The Power of Faith in Managing Chronic Pain: Kayla’s Inspiring Journey

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Imagine finding yourself in a whirlwind of chronic pain and being told by the medical world to just lose weight and follow a keto diet. Picture the emotional turmoil that comes with such advice and the relief of finally finding a medical professional who listens. This is the narrative of our guest, Kayla, a brave individual who faced chronic conditions head-on. Her journey from diagnosis, mental health struggles, the empowerment of finding the right medical team, to finally being diagnosed with Psoriatic Arthritis, is nothing short of inspiring. The resilience and determination she displayed in the face of prognosis will inspire listeners who might be in a similar situation or simply need a story of triumph against adversity.

With her unique toolkit of coping strategies for managing chronic pain, Kayla offers listeners a wealth of practical tips, from the utilitarian—like ice packs and ergonomic keyboards—to the emotional—such as building a supportive network and harnessing the power of faith and social media. Kayla underlines the necessity of self-care, drawing strength from devotional readings, prayer, and inspiring individuals who candidly share their own journeys. As a writer, she brings a fresh perspective on the themes of ability and disability and how they shape one’s sense of self. Join us for a tale of hope, resilience, and the power of community in the face of chronic pain. This episode promises to stir, educate, and empower.


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