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The Heartfelt Journey Geri an Advocate & Writer

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Have you ever found a friend in the most unexpected of places? On our latest episode, we’re joined by Geri, a beacon of hope from the chronic illness community on Instagram, who opens up about her life with Lupus and Sjogren’s syndrome. Her story is a testament to the strength and solace that virtual friendships can provide, especially when real-life connections to those who truly understand are few and far between. We navigate the all-too-common experience of medical gaslighting and the sheer determination needed to pursue a diagnosis, offering a powerful reminder of the resilience within us all.

Imagine conquering not just lupus but also staring down non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma without the need for chemotherapy. That’s the reality for one incredible New Yorker who shares her experience on our show. She delves into the perks of her healthcare network in the bustling city. She recounts how her robust support system became her lifeline through both her health triumphs and the turbulence of travel post-diagnosis. It’s a raw look at the unpredictable nature of chronic illnesses and the immeasurable value of having a solid circle of medical and personal care.

Our closing chapter is packed with practicality and wisdom from our ‘Spoonie Toolkit’ straight to your ears. We discuss the small yet significant things that make a big difference in managing day-to-day life with a chronic illness, as well as the bigger picture of finding joy and setting goals amidst the challenges. We also shine a light on the support networks that buoy us, like the constant care from loved ones such as Lawrence and organizations like the Lupus Foundation of America. Join us for a heartfelt conversation with a fellow advocate and writer who’s on a mission to uplift the lupus community with every word she types and every story she shares.

The Heartfelt Journey Geri an Advocate & Writer (

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