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Robin Robertson: A Journey to Healthy Knees

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How does one maintain an active lifestyle while battling osteoarthritis? Robin Robertson, a seasoned advocate for the Arthritis Foundation, shares her inspiring journey from a rare knee condition at birth, numerous surgeries, and an ultimate halt to all impact sports at 24 to leading a vibrant life despite her limitations. It’s not simply a tale of resilience and courage but an exploration of alternative forms of exercise that can help maintain a healthy lifestyle while dealing with osteoarthritis.

As a coach and author of the ‘Healthy Knees book series, Robin walks us through the nuts and bolts of osteoarthritis care in knees, hips, and feet, extolling the virtues of strength training and cycling. It’s a fascinating look into her journey to become a ‘Healthy Knees’ coach, driven by her own experience with knee issues. Robin’s mantra, “rest is rust” serves as a powerful reminder of the importance of movement and proper exercise for joint health.

Hear the story of the fear, the despair, and the monumental shift in lifestyle after a diagnosis of osteoarthritis. But also hear the hope, the resilience, and the adaptability that leads to strength training and a cycling adventure across America. Discover how we’ve refused to let arthritis limit our lives and find inspiration in the pursuit of a path that’s right for you. Dive into our conversation about knee health, managing knee pain, and the upcoming Jingle Bell Run. Tune in, listen, learn, and be inspired by the relentless pursuit of life despite the challenges.

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