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Resilient AF a Chronicle of Courage with Delicia

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Struggle and healing often go hand in hand, as Delicia’s gripping tale of resilience unfolds in our latest conversation. Facing a health odyssey that begins with severe allergies and the emotional scars of childhood trauma, she takes us through her diagnosis and the powerful connection between emotional distress and physical health. Her story is a beacon of hope for anyone facing similar battles as she recounts her experiences with hay made from barley on a Swiss farm, propelling a discussion on the intertwining of past traumas and present health conditions.

Delicia doesn’t shy away from the raw realities of living with chronic pain, sharing the complexities of managing Crohn’s disease with treatments ranging from Biologics to a holistic approach. Her journey is punctuated by surgeries and the acceptance of a permanent colostomy bag, yet it’s her gratitude and unyielding spirit that captivates us. As she navigates the daily confines of the “Spoon Theory,” we’re reminded of the power of community, meditation, and a mindset geared towards positivity.

Tune in to hear Delicia’s insights on the double-edged sword of medical treatments, the risks of immunosuppressive drugs, and the essential role of therapy in her well-being. The conversation also reveals her passion for advocacy against child molestation, highlighting her determination to turn personal adversity into a source of support and awareness for others. Her trilogy memoir stands as a testament to her courage and the transformative power of storytelling, offering a raw and authentic perspective on trauma, resilience, and the relentless pursuit of purpose.

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