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Laughing Through the Layers of Chronic Illness with Jewel

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When your world is turned upside down by chronic illness, finding humor and connection can be your lifeline. That’s exactly what happened when Jewel, the effervescent @thelipedemacushie, joined me for a chat that’ll make you laugh, and nod along with understanding. We dove into Jewel’s experiences with Cushing’s disease, her surgeries, and the daily dance with adrenal insufficiency. There’s something incredibly powerful about sharing stories of resilience, and Jewel’s candidness about her spine surgery and its aftermath reminds us all that strength often comes with a side of vulnerability.

Our conversation took a lighter turn as we mused over the quirky collections that pepper our lives—from my array of cups to my husband’s stash of comic book memorabilia. We all have our treasures, don’t we? The secret sweatshirt hoards, the spoons from travels, or that second fridge in the garage that silently marks our passage into adulthood—these collections tell the stories of our lives. And as we laughed about the closet wars waged with our loved ones, it was clear that these shared spaces hold more than just stuff; they hold the essence of our relationships, too.

Rounding off our tête-à-tête, Jewel and I touched on the peculiar world of mail delays and the sweet anticipation of giveaways that mean so much, particularly to those of us with chronic illnesses. We delved into the role of physical therapy, the non-negotiables of emergency medication, and the oddities of coordinating meals across time zones. It’s not every day you get to plan lunch and breakfast simultaneously! Whether you’re tuning in for a dose of empathy, a spot of crafting, or just to feel understood, this episode is a warm invite to join our community where chronic illness is part of the conversation, but not the whole story.

Laughing Through the Layers of Chronic Illness with Jewel (

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