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In the Trenches of Autoimmune Diseases with Joshua

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Have you ever wondered about the battles that those living with autoimmune diseases face every day? Join us as we listen to the compelling journey of Joshua, a retired army veteran who faced this reality when he was diagnosed with multiple autoimmune conditions – MyastheniaGravis, Small Fiber Neuropathy, and Hashimoto’s. Joshua offers a unique perspective on battling these conditions, from chronic fatigue and muscle spasms to debilitating migraines.

We follow Joshua as he navigates the challenging medical world, advocating for himself in the quest for a proper diagnosis. His story is a testament to resilience, as he battles chronic pain, the inability to exercise without needing multiple days of recovery, and the constant adaptation to a new reality of health. Joshua underscores the life-changing role his wife played in supporting him during these difficult times. He also offers intriguing insights into how weather changes affect his conditions and unveils helpful management strategies like regular chiropractor visits, journaling, and breathing exercises.

In the heart of our discussion, Joshua sheds light on his journey of being medically separated from the army due to his health issues, emphasizing the importance of finding a community for support and connection. He generously shares valuable resources for those dealing with autoimmune diseases, such as Military Disability Made Easy and Myasthenia Foundation of America. His story is a remarkable display of the human capacity to find positivity amidst life’s biggest challenges. We invite you to join us and be inspired by Joshua’s journey, and maybe even glean some insights for your own.

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