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Girlfriend’s Guide To Lupus

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Discover the unmasked realities of lupus with Amanda Chay, the brave voice behind the Girlfriend’s Guide to Lupus, in an episode that’s as heartfelt as it is insightful. Amanda doesn’t just share her story; she opens the door to a world where autoimmune challenges are the norm, not the exception. From her own two-decade struggle to a diagnosis and the emotional rollercoaster that ensued to practical advice wrapped in humor, this conversation is an intimate exploration of resilience and self-advocacy.

Navigating life with lupus is no stroll in the park, and Amanda’s candid accounts of managing energy, handling flare-ups, and the complexities of the healthcare system underscore the daily battles faced by those with chronic illnesses. Yet, amid the trials, we find moments of levity and a treasure trove of strategies for anyone walking a similar path. The power of a supportive community emerges as a beacon of hope, with pragmatic tips on building your own “squad” and facing those inadvertently insensitive comments with a touch of witty repartee.

Wrapping up with a stirring message of empowerment, Amanda illuminates the journey from identifying with an illness to embracing the full spectrum of self. We unpack the myth of ‘hidden secrets’ to managing lupus, advocating instead for the potency of small, consistent daily choices. This is not just an episode for those with lupus but a call to all who seek the courage found in self-acceptance and the transformative impact of understanding one’s true identity. Join us for this enlightening dialogue and find out how to connect with Amanda and her powerful guide for navigating the turbulent waters of life with lupus.


Instagram:  @amandaechay

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