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Emmanuel’s Crusade for Workers with Autoimmune Diseases

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When Emmanuel’s life was touched by the invisible struggles of autoimmune disease within his family, it ignited a fire within him to champion the rights of workers grappling with similar battles. As the founder of the Workers with Autoimmune Aliments Alliance, his story—shared on our latest podcast—encapsulates the drive behind a movement that’s not just personal but pivotal for countless individuals. Together, we unravel the complexities of autoimmune diseases in the workplace and the essential legislative strides being made to ensure those affected are no longer unseen or unprotected.

Peek behind the curtain of the “Invisible No More” documentary project with us, where the realities of those living with autoimmune diseases are brought to light. Emmanuel’s insight into the stigma and challenges faced by employees with these invisible ailments underscores a pressing need for societal empathy and change. We cover the groundbreaking progress in Maryland with the Employee Autoimmune Disorder Protection Act, and how advocacy efforts are far from over. Lend us your ears and, perhaps, your voice to this cause, as we discuss ways to amplify the mission and ensure no one is forced to choose between their health and their livelihood again.

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