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Embracing Self-Care and Pleasure: Dr. Fanny Le Boulanger’s

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What if you could transform your life’s greatest struggles into sources of strength and self-love? This episode brings you an inspiring conversation with Dr. Fanny Le Boulanger, a French doctor and sex coach who did exactly that, following her epilepsy diagnosis at the age of 26. Dr. Fanny opens her heart about how she navigated the challenges of seizures, medication, and their impact on her relationships, eventually finding peace and self-acceptance. She reminds us of the transformative power of nurturing oneself, stepping away from the hustle, and embracing the beauty of self-love.

Ever wondered how you could find pleasure and comfort amidst chronic pain or illness? Dr. Fanny is back with more enlightening insights, sharing how she discovered joy in the simplest of things. Together, we explore the art of self-soothing, connecting to our senses, and the therapeutic power of a silly song. Dr. Fanny even shares her top three coping tools – skin-friendly oils, positive affirmations, and, of course, that mood-lifting melody. We end the episode on a hopeful note, making sure you remember that it’s okay not to be okay and that you’re never alone in your journey. So, join us, and let’s embrace the healing power of self-care and acceptance together.

Bio : Lifegasm Fairy Godmother and creatrix of Your Sexyfied Life podcast  After years of working as a doctor helping women, she noticed something was missing… She decided to use her skills to help people fall in love again with their sexuality, stop their inner-war and come home to themselves. With a coaching methodology combining ancient wisdom and up-to-date scientific tools, a bilingual podcast and a French sense of humor, she dedicates her life to helping people build their own Sexyfied life. To reclaim the Lifegasm they deserve.

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