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Living with chronic illnesses is a daily battle. It’s not just about managing physical symptoms, but also about the mental and emotional toll that these conditions can take. In our latest podcast episode, we dive deep into this world with our guest, Jacinda, also known as Virgo Beauty.

Diagnosed with juvenile rheumatoid arthritis at the tender age of five, Virgo’s life took a significant turn in 2016 when she experienced a severe flare-up that left her bedridden. After two years, she was also diagnosed with the rare Stills disease. Despite these challenges, Virgo has navigated the labyrinth of chronic illnesses with courage and resilience, inspiring others with her story.

Throughout the episode, we explore Virgo’s arduous journey, delving into her daily battles and victories. She discusses her health regimen, including the careful balancing act of managing medications, making lifestyle changes, and finding the right doctor. These aspects of her life highlight the challenges that come with chronic illnesses, emphasizing the importance of having a personalized and effective health regimen.

Beyond the physical aspect of chronic illnesses, we delve into the emotional and mental warfare. Virgo sheds light on the crucial role her support system plays in managing her mental health. From family and friends to daily affirmations and meditation rituals, she emphasizes the importance of self-care and support in navigating chronic illnesses.

One significant aspect of the episode is the discussion about authenticity and vulnerability in managing chronic illnesses. According to Cinda, staying true to oneself while battling such conditions is crucial. This aspect of her journey underlines the importance of maintaining one’s identity and individuality despite the trials that chronic illnesses bring.

Virgo introduces us to My Spoonie Sisters – an online community offering support for those on similar health journeys. The community symbolizes the importance of finding and building a support system that understands and empathizes with the challenges of living with chronic illnesses.

In conclusion, the episode sheds light on the reality of living with chronic illnesses. From the physical battles to the mental and emotional challenges, it paints a picture of the everyday life of those living with such conditions. But more than that, it also highlights the strength, resilience, and hope that people like Virgo embody. Their stories inspire us and remind us of the power of community, self-care, and staying true to oneself.

To get to know Virgo better and follow along her journey tap the link!

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