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Decoding Chronic Illness: A Rheumatologist’s Personal Experience

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Ever been curious about the inner workings of chronic illness from the perspective of a renowned specialist who’s also a patient? Join us in a profound discussion with Dr.  Saimun Singla, a triple-board-certified physician who battles rheumatoid arthritis daily. Dr. Singla unravels her journey as she was diagnosed with the condition even while she was already a qualified rheumatologist. She brings to light the necessity of early detection, the criticality of educating oneself about chronic illnesses, and the many ways to manage the symptoms.

As we delve deeper into the conversation, Dr. Singla introduces the world of integrative medicine, its immense importance in managing chronic disease, and her personal toolkit for managing her symptoms. From the practical ways to handle a flare-up to the fundamentals of anti-inflammatory diets, physical therapy, and the power of community support, this episode is teeming with valuable information. Plus, we cover the differences between joint pain and joint stiffness, and provide insights on how to differentiate between arthralgia and arthritis.

Lastly, we address the psychological and emotional toll of living with a chronic illness. The importance of setting sensible goals, fostering resilience, and seeking support is underscored. We also discuss how to navigate through the challenges that chronic illnesses bring forth and the invaluable benefit of interacting with people who have shared experiences. As we wind up, we share practical ways to handle flares, and emphasize the necessity of having robust coping strategies when dealing with chronic illnesses. This episode will leave you equipped with a wealth of knowledge to face the battles of chronic illness head-on.

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